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charity mission

getFIFO believes in giving back to charities and giving projects to make a better world. Everyday people, children and animals suffer from lack of basic food, water and services. There is a better way to give back. getFIFO will be allocating a fixed percentage of it's net profit to charity each year. Our crypto charity partner will assist in the selection and co-ordination of donations of funds to projects and charities in need. Our clients and community can also get involved by donating via DustAid to a selected charity as well. getFIFO donations will be selected by the FIFO LTD board and voted for by our community. getFIFO will assist DustAid in the donation and trade of all crypto with zero fees and also bring wider awareness of each charity to the wider crypto community. We believe that through giving we can all help to shape a better world.

the core team

Our core team comes from a variety of technical, security and financial services backgrounds

getFIFO Founding Partners

Keith Christie-Smith


Specialising in Sales and Marketing, Keith has created, developed and led Global sales teams in Cyber-security products for many major UK Security vendors.

Jeff Hancock


Background in Infrastructure Engineering, Cybersecurity in the Datacentre, Fintech and Financial Services Industry. Chief of Staff and Project Team Lead.

Jason Fitzpatrick


Background in Building Business, Trading Desks for Medium to Large Financial Services Companies. Multiple CEO, CFO, COO leadership roles within the Financial Services and Hedge Fund Sector.

Paul Tiley


Background in Cisco Networking, Architectural Design for Global Media & Entertainment Brands. Multiple eCommerce Businesses. Development Team Lead.

getFIFO Advisory Team

Armand Pers

Crypto Partnership Advisor

IT Infrastructure and Security background. Long term investor in Tech startups and Multinational Brands. Strong connections with CryptoTech Companies in Europe as well as Leader in Crypto Market Research.

Brandon Linford

Community Manager

VMware Virtualisation and Datacenter Professional as well as seasoned Photographer and Crypto Trader. Brandon will bring social engagement and market reach to the team to help us engage our audience better.

Habib Azam

Platform Development Manager

Digital Media Expert and Software Development Professional and trainer. Has experience in blockchain technology and a deep understanding of the worldwide crypto landscape.

Josh Riddett

Crypto Market Advisor

Josh is the founder of Easy Crypto Hunter, which is one of the largest GPU mining hardware suppliers in the UK offering both domestic and full commercial scale solutions.

our mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with a safe, secure & premium service offering to buy and sell their cryptocurrency assets in the UK. Our goal is to drive innovation an adoption through real world partnerships to grow the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the UK and beyond. With these key goals and social awareness of our charity mission, we believe cryptocurrency and blockchain can change the world for the better.

The more you grow, the more we grow, the more we give back.

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